Gold Coast Light Rail Fare Cost

Translink Go Card Machine

Fare costs associated with Gold Coast Light Rail will be managed by Translink, the public transport service provider for South East Queensland, when the service commences public operations in mid-2014. Ticketing and pricing will be based on Translink’s two zone fare structure, with both single-use paper tickets and Translink’s own ‘go card’ system available.

The objective of the light rail service is to be convenient and accessible for passengers, which means that it also needs to be affordable in order to thrive. Current information indicates that fare prices for the light rail system will be approximately:

  • Single paper ticket – Adults, $6.10; Concession, $3.10 (2 zones)
  • go card – Adults, $4.14; Concession, $2.07 – (2 zones)
  • go card (Off-peak) – Adults, $3.32; Concession, $1.66 – (2 zones)
    Prices are subject to change.

Update: 4 January 2014 – Recent State Government price Hikes mean fare have gone up. More on the Fare Rise.


Regular users of the Gold Coast Light Rail, particularly full-fare paying adults, would be advised to use the ‘go card’ system, as it offers significant savings on ticket prices which will quickly add up over time.

All 16 stations on the Stage One route will have ticket machines where passengers can purchase their ticket or ‘top-up’ their ‘go card’ (if you would like more information on the ‘go card’ ticketing system please visit Translink’s official website).

Ticket validators will also be available at all light rail stations to activate tickets. Passengers can simply touch on at the start of their journey and touch off at the end. Fares will be automatically deducted from the passenger’s card.

Gold Coast Light Rail is anticipated to run from 5:00am to Midnight, from Monday to Friday.

24-hour weekend operations will run from Friday midnight until Sunday midnight.

Monday – Friday Saturday – Sunday
Midnight – 5am No Service 30 minutes
5am – 7am 15 minutes 15 minutes
7am – 7pm 7.5 minutes 10 minutes
7pm – midnight 15 minutes 15 minutes

Click for a GOLD COAST LIGHT RAIL ROUTE MAP thanks to BING Maps.